Neabot Home App cannot save multifloor maps but here i can share a tip if you want to clean both first floor and second floor:


1. The dust collector is only used for dust collection and charging. It can be moved or not. If you only temporarily moves the robot to another floor for cleaning, then you can fully charge the robot, and no need to move the dustbin.
3. When the robot is on the second floor, press the ''Clean All'' button, the robot will reposition and map the floor. After cleaning, it should go back to recharge but because there is no dust collector, the machine will stop somewhere because it cannot find the dust collector.
4. Then go back to the APP, the APP will have 2 layers of maps stored as records in Schedule ->History
5. Next time, if you want the robot to clean the 1st floor, Then you can just choose the map of the first floor, and no need to remap.

I hope my answer helps! Let me know if you solve the problem.