Q11 is much better/different than N1 (the first Neabot) in many ways. 

1. It uses hidden LiDAR and dToF technology, which raises its obstacle avoidance capability to a whole new level. For example, N1 might push your slippers, Q11 won't. It can detect any obstacle as long as it's taller than 1cm. 

2. The suction power - Q11 is 4000Pa, the max on the market. N1 is 2700Pa. 

3. Q11 features a 300ml water tank, meanwhile, N1 doesn't have a mopping feature, N1Plus as but it's not an electrically controlled water tank.

4. Q11 saves 3 maps. N1 saves 1 map. 

5. Q11 is slimmer, quieter and has a very different design. 

6. The cleaning efficiency rate is higher than N1 too. It's 91%, which is top of the industry.